Hvordan skaber du den rigtige attitude i B2B salg?

Succes i B2B salg kommer fra din attitude. Læs nedenfor hvordan attitude kan hjælpe dig med skabe mere succes i salg.

How to encourage the right attitude to B2B sales

B2B sales can be a winding road and require Business Development Representatives (BDRs) to have a certain attitude to smooth the way and be successful. But being successful in sales does not mean closing a sale with every contact. That would be unrealistic. Success here takes root in having an attitude towards B2B sales that always moves you forward. Flick quickly through the menu to discover the key principles.

Efficiency comes after productivity

Humans aim to work in the most efficient way, which, most of the time, we understand as trying to get more by working less. That might work in other areas, but not in B2B sales. As a Business Development Representative (BDR), you will have to devote quite a few hours if you want to achieve the desired result. Then, it’s time to measure them.

Simply put, B2B sales are fuelled by quality and quantity. To get a customer in which to find a high-quality fit, you need to go through many leads. And that is how you work smartly and efficiently: assessing cases and moving forward with the most suitable ones. Send emails, call, generate more leads, talk to more prospects. The cases that will lead you to success are among them all.

Dismiss mediocre opportunities

Great opportunities exist. Everybody talks about them. What they don’t mention is that, to find them, you need to spend quite a good time looking for them. And the more you look, the easier it gets to identify which are the most viable. 

If your prospect is unsure whether to go ahead with the sale, if you realise that your solution is not ideal for their problem and they tell you they are not interested, move on. Continuing to insist on making a sale when you haven't found that perfect fit is not an option for a talented BDR.

Be confident that you will make the sale

You shouldn’t be asking yourself —nor your client— if the sale is going to happen. You should be so confident in your solution that you know that the only reasonable and viable thing to happen is that your customer buys it. Think of the sale as a solution to their business. It is you who are helping them.

Addressing the sales conversation as a sales professional entails for you to ask direct questions. Don’t be afraid to tell your prospect that, after the research you’ve done on their case, your product or service is the most suitable solution they could find. You must get to the bottom of the matter as soon as you can by asking everything you need to know about your prospect. That gives you authority and helps you save time.

Be ready for the future

You should not chase potential customers who are not interested in your product. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't carefully record and save the information you have gained from that conversation and try to fix what went wrong later.

You must have a mindset that prepares you for the future. You must record all the facts you collect, the relevant information your potential buyers tell you and all the details you need to know to prepare your strategy for the next time you approach a sale. Once you have that data, reflect, get the information you’re lacking and make sure you check it out in the future. Your attitude and habits must be persistent.

B2B sales require socialising and measurement

We can agree that B2B sales is a job that requires a lot of socialising. However, it is not only about talking to people and building rapport. It’s also about reporting, evaluating strategies and leveraging the outcomes you are getting from those relationships.

Final thoughts

Success is measurable, scalable and achievable. It is where you want to get to, and to get there, you have to know the way, prepare your strategy and sometimes improvise your next move. As a BDR, you have to be confident in your solution and know that your prospects are waiting to hear it. Be ready to make the sale and prepared to do whatever it takes to get the result you are looking for.


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